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The Travel Notes of the German and European Family Tonglu
时间:2016-08-25 14:59:52

         In order for employees to relax after work and enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature, the company recently organized a Tonglu tour; bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, without the pressure of work, all around us are the laughter and laughter among colleagues.

        First stop: Shenao Ancient Village Tour

        In everyone's heart, there will be a feeling of ancient town, flowing water south of the Yangtze River, smoke cage people.


        It has a long history and profound cultural heritage. It retains a strong clan atmosphere and unique folk customs. The grand ancient buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties are well preserved, which is rare in China. The types of ancient buildings include ancestral halls, halls, private houses, and ancient towers. , Stone Bridge, Archway, etc.

        Second stop: Rafting at Huxiao Gorge

        The brave moves forward, the speed and passion of the drifting version, you get wet in 3 seconds, while drifting in Huxiaoxia is the heartbeat.

        Third stop: Take a trip to the Three Gorges of Fuchun River

        "The green trees are long in the dark summer, and the terrace reflects into the pond"


        "The world's beautiful landscape, ancient and modern push Fuchun", the feeling of "the boat is traveling in the water, and the person is swimming in the painting" spontaneously arises. Ascending the river from the pier downstream of Yanziling Diaotai, the waves splashed on the side of the boat, and a white wave surged behind the boat. The cliffs and slopes on both sides of the boat were rushing in with strange mountains and different waters. The mountain breeze sent bursts of refreshing floral fragrance, which made people intoxicated for a while. . Standing on the side of the ship, feeling the breeze coming, with eyes full of green, the leisurely Fuchun Little Three Gorges truly shows a picture of nature's ink painting to the world. The brilliance makes people linger, and sincerely envy the people who live in this wonderland.



Beautiful woman on the water side


Yan Ziling Fishing Platform

In order to start better, breathe fresh air freely and stretch my posture, my heart is flying.