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Win the Year of the Monkey and create greater glory — DEO 2016 Themed Annual Meeting
时间:2016-01-31 15:00:06

        At the end of the year, the company’s annual meeting came as scheduled. Everyone gathered together to count the hard work and hard work of the German and European people in the past year. Under the joint efforts of all employees of the company, under the leadership of Pan Deou people work hard to provide customers with comprehensive, practical, high-level solutions and high-quality services, and have achieved proud results. Our constant expectation is to grow together with customers and strive for win-win cooperation.


        They all say, "The reason why a person can be successful is always outstanding; the reason why a product has an advantage in sales is often because of its unique advantages; the reason why an enterprise can survive the storms and waves must be its irresistible cohesion. It's closely related." DEO Technology is the "Dream Factory" of DEO people, and it is the place where dreams start and they are realized. In 2016, DEO will continue to improve the management system, strengthen the promotion of corporate culture, introduce more high-tech talents, and make continuous efforts to create a better future!

The annual meeting selects outstanding leaders, outstanding employees, outstanding new recruits, etc.!

During the annual meeting, everyone sent good wishes to each other. The annual performances are endless and funny; the lottery session is even more surprising.