Talent recruitment

Technological service engineer
时间:2020-09-30 11:32:09

Job responsibilities:

1. Mainly engaged in after-sales technical support;

2. Familiar with PLC programming and relay control principle;

3. Familiar with the working principle of CNC machine tools;

4. Be practical and willing to study technology;


1. Mechatronics, technical secondary school or above in automation control, machinery;

2. Two to three years of relevant work experience in after-sales service of construction machinery products;

3. Familiar with electrical control, PLC programming, and numerical control system application of construction machinery and equipment, and have knowledge of weak circuits to understand circuit diagrams;

4. Familiar with computer operation, skilled operation of CAD;

5. Be able to work under pressure, have the ability to execute and analyze and judge;

6. Have good language skills and interpersonal skills;

7. Able to travel frequently and have a C1 driver's license;

8. Experience in on-site commissioning, installation and maintenance of CNC lathes, machining centers and other mechanical equipment is preferred;