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To fight the epidemic in 2020, we will never be absent from Germany and Europe
时间:2020-09-18 10:40:06



In the national battle against the epidemic, German and European technologies have also taken the lead, making every effort to invest in the fight against the epidemic, actively responding to the call of the country, and solving the urgent need for the country's shortage of epidemic prevention materials. Provide core components such as servers for the ultrasonic mask machine, and make a slight contribution to the production of the mask machine.


After the company's application for resumption of work was approved, it was obliged to increase its productivity; the company's leadership focused on product quality and produced high-quality servers at full capacity to supply major mask machine manufacturers to provide logistical support to ensure mask production.


DEO Technology is an enterprise engaged in the research and development, production and sales of automation control software and servo drive series products. We firmly believe that our silent dedication and enthusiastic and warm service will make everyone familiar with us. We always thought that the future would be long, but we forgot the impermanence of the world. German and European technology sincerely wish that through this ups and downs, the mountains and rivers will be safe, and the world will be safe!