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The 21st Shenzhen International Machinery Exhibition in 2020
时间:2020-09-24 10:50:57




Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition and the 21st Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition have experienced 20 years of precipitation and accumulation. ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition has become a highly influential manufacturing IP in South China. At this critical moment concerning the direction of China's manufacturing industry in the next ten years, ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition takes the promotion of industry development as its mission, integrates the resources of the entire industry chain, and provides solid support for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises. 2020 ITES lives up to expectations and comes through the waves!


This year, ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition moved to Shenzhen’s new exhibition hall for the first time. The number of exhibitors and the exhibition area were upgraded. The exhibition scale was expanded to 120,000 square meters. The subordinate "Shenzhen International Metal Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition, Shenzhen International Metal Forming Machine Tool Exhibition, Shenzhen International The seven theme exhibitions of "Tools, Tools and Industrial Consumables Exhibition, Shenzhen International Industrial Measurement and Digital Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, Shenzhen International Robot and Factory Intelligent Exhibition, Shenzhen International Industrial Parts Exhibition, Shenzhen International Additive Manufacturing Technology Exhibition" The content extends to the upstream and downstream links of processing and manufacturing, covering the entire industrial manufacturing chain.


As one of the exhibitors, DEO Technology adheres to the original intention of focusing on the industry, rooting in customers, aiming at high-quality products, and pursuing honest service, and has created a world belonging to DEO in the field of automation control software and servo drives. The company mainly promotes digital AC servo drive products. After analyzing and developing the rigid demand of the market, the company has launched a new product for the 3C industry-the C7 series. This new product is used in precision cutting, with standard imports, hardware current A series of functions such as loop, broadband response, multiple automatic tuning chain. DEO Technology has been helping high-quality automation, helping new energy, and taking pride in the valuable needs of the industry!